Our FINAL Meeting

The tone of last night’s final committee meeting was both bittersweet and enthusiastic. The four of us met in an hour-long conversation to discuss our leap in ticket sales (over 40 ticket purchases in less than a week), rebudgeting, and window dressings for the big day. The premature self-congratulations were contagious and the veritable lovefest all but necessary given the dismal outlook but five days prior. If there was one takeaway from our meeting: the reunion is going to be fabulous!

Sponsor Spotlight: Klutch Burgers

You ever have a hankering for a really good burger? Klutch Burgers will satisfy that carnal urge. Made from all natural, Niman Ranch beef and fresh bread, Klutch proves there’s something in a name. A convenient location and easy-going atmosphere make this restaurant the perfect sport-viewing spot. (Grab a pint of Devil’s Canyon while your’e there!)

Sponsor Spotlight: A+ Japanese Auto Repair

Do you trust your mechanic? You can at A+ Japanese Auto Repair–the Bay Area’s preeminent repair shop for Japanese imports. This family-owned, local business employs highly-skilled technicians and uses the latest methods to diagnose your vehicular trouble.

Run by fellow class member, and former class president, Eric Sevim, we’re quite sure you’d give A+ Japanese Auto Repair high marks!

Sponsor Spotlight: Milkshake Werks

Milkshake Werks is your home for real, frozen treats. This local parlor’s offerings are made from scratch with the best local, fresh, and organic ingredients. Milkshake Werks is your 21st century candyman with non-fat frozen yogurt and sugar-free and dairy-free options. Did we mention homemade cookies baked daily? Visit today and try a float (on tap and featuring root beer from Devil’s Canyon Brewery). Yum!

Sponsor Spotlight: Undisputed Boxing

Undisputed Boxing Gym was founded by seven-time World Sport Karate Champ Brian Schwartz. After years of training and teaching at other facilities, Schwartz opened a gym to meet the needs he saw of those training in this day in age: state of the art equipment in a family-friendly environment. Undisputed offers a wealth of activities, including martial arts-style classes with private instruction. It’s a hit!

Our Sixth Meeting

The committee held an emergency meeting today to evaluate our reunion budget.

When planning first began, the committee’s largest hurdle was scheduling across time zones. As the months past, it became apparent that we’d take on the same challenges facing this country: a tanked economy and people without jobs.

Even though we budgeted with a rather sizable buffer and kept our estimates fairly moderate; though we solicited donations from over one hundred local businesses and posted flyers; though we caught bin Laden, but lost nationals to Vocal Adrenaline–nothing, NOTHING could be done to prevent our current economy frailty.

So here we were, frazzled, spit-balling ideas, pulling out all the stops to make sure we both kept promises to our fellow classmates and encouraged others to come by finding a way–anyway–to drop prices.

“What if we cut our catering? What if we baked food instead? What about cutting drinks altogether? What about moving the venue–how much would we lose by breaking our contract?”

We were unhinged. Every decision required more footwork and planning than we were given. Every choice carried heavy repercussions. With every solution came a price and one we weren’t willing to pass on to you. Visions of Thelma and Louise ran through our brains (“Let’s just keep going!“)

And so we are–after much heated discussion.

Still, we go with hope in our hearts that you will help us drop prices for your fellow classmates with a small donation to the cause or reunion ticket purchase. Go, Scots!